Reasons and Rationale

The integration of writing as a stimulus for critical thinking has taken hold throughout the country in programs ranging from colleges of arts & sciences to colleges of engineering.

The basic idea is that critical thinking engages students with problems that require "questioning assumptions, integrating knowledge, and applying these assumptions and knowledge to solve a problem" (as Gunnin and Bernhardt have explained in their article "Writing, Critical Thinking, and Engineering Curricula").

What is gtPathways?

gtPathways is a set of general education courses that the state guarantees to transfer. Receiving institutions shall apply guaranteed general education courses to a student's general education or major requirements. Approved courses in gtPathways are not based on course equivalencies but meet content and competency criteria.

Colorado State University Policies

  • All University Core Curriculum (AUCC) Policy: "Courses must include at least 25 percent of final grade based on written work (some of which must be in the form of out-of-class papers)."