If you are a graduate student whose TA-ship includes grading and providing feedback on undergraduates’ writing, you will participate in a 6-hour pre-semester training in August and take E608: Integrating Writing in the Academic Core, a 1-credit/5-week course offered each fall.

Pre-Semester 6-hour Orientation

The pre-semester orientation is spread over two days (3 hours each day) and focuses on introducing GTAs to the gtPathways Writing Integration Initiative (its purpose and history), strategies for assessing and providing feedback on undergraduate writing, campus resources for writing and teaching writing (such as the Writing Center, CSUWrites, and TILT), and engaging GTAs in some initial practice implementing response strategies.

FALL 2023 gtPathways GTA Orientation is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 15th and Wednesday, Aug. 16th from 9:00AM-NOON. It will be held IN PERSON in Clark A204. No registration is required for the Orientation.

E608: Integrating Writing in the Academic Core

This 1-credit, 5-week course builds on the work of the pre-semester orientation, providing GTAs with a deeper understanding of and practice with providing meaningful feedback on others’ writing and designing effective writing assignments/assessment tools. More specifically, GTAs read scholarship and engage in provocative discussions on the following themes. They also assemble a portfolio to showcase their work implementing best practices and reflecting on their experiences.

Course topics include:

  • The important connections between writing, learning, engagement, and critical thinking.
  • Best practices in designing effective writing assignments and assessment criteria based on course and assignment goals.
  • Best practices for responding to others’ writing meaningfully and effectively.
  • Strategies for dealing with assessment challenges such as the writing of non-native English speakers, difficulties with grammar, and poor use of sources/plagiarism.
  • Implementing inclusive teaching practices through awareness of issues of linguistic supremacy, linguistic justice, and cross-cultural writing differences.
  • Examining your own writing practices and how to use writing to foster your own learning and communication skills.

An additional benefit of completing E608 is that it applies toward attainment of
TILT’s Graduate Teaching Certificate, a certificate that demonstrates a GTA’s commitment to and preparation for university-level teaching.
Several GTAs have completed the certificate and used it to help them get jobs, fellowships, and grants.

FALL 2023 sections of E608: Integrating Writing in the Academic Core are being offered at the following days/times: T/Th 11am-12:15pm, 12:30-1:45pm, and 3:30-4:45pm. E608 is a 1-credit, 5-week course.

For more information about the pre-semester orientation and/or E608, contact the director, Dr. Kelly Bradbury, at kelly.bradbury@colostate.edu.

Comments from GTAs who have completed E608